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WhatsApp’s Powerful New Update Just Revealed: Here’s Your Problem


Another powerful new WhatsApp update has just been revealed, as the world’s leading secure messaging platform continues to build out its functionality. We’ve already had an expansion to 8-party video calls, while QR contact codes, encrypted cloud backups and multi-device access are in beta or test. Now more features have been added to latest update. But it’s not all good news—there’s a problem under the surface that looks set to become more of an issue this year.

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Brave Browser Delivers on Promise, Files GDPR Complaint Against Google

Earlier today, March 16, Brave filed a formal complaint against Google with the lead General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcer in Europe.

In a February Cointelegraph interview, Dr. Johnny Ryan, Brave’s chief policy and industry relations officer, explained that Google is abusing its power by sharing user data collected by dozens of its distinct services, creating a “free for all” data warehouse. According to Ryan, this was a clear violation of the GDPR. 

Aggravated with the situation and the lack of enforcement against the giant, Ryan promised to take Google to court if things don’t change for the better.

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Multiple nation-state groups are hacking Microsoft Exchange servers

Multiple government-backed hacking groups are exploiting a recently-patched vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange email servers.

The exploitation attempts were first spotted by UK cyber-security firm Volexity on Friday and confirmed today to ZDNet by a source in the DOD.

Volexity did not share the names of the hacking groups exploiting this Exchange vulnerability. Volexity did not return a request for comment for additional details.

The DOD source described the hacking groups as “all the big players,” also declining to name groups or countries.

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UK Google users could lose EU GDPR data protections

Google is to move the data and user accounts of its British users from the EU to the US, placing them outside the strong privacy protections offered by European regulators.

The shift, prompted by Britain’s exit from the EU, will leave the sensitive personal information of tens of millions not covered by Europe’s world-leading General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and therefore with less protection and within easier reach of British law enforcement.

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CERN: We’re ditching Facebook Workplace. Here’s why

European scientific research giant CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, has killed its use of Facebook’s Workplace collaboration platform because it is dissatisfied with the company’s approach to fees and data control.

CERN announced the move this week, which ends a nearly four-year trial with Facebook Workplace and means CERN will remove its presence from the platform on January 31, 2020. 

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