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Swiss government submits criminal complaint over CIA Crypto spying scandal

The Swiss government has filed a criminal complaint relating to the alleged practices of US and German intelligence agencies in spying on other governments over the course of decades. 

The complaint in question is centered around Operation Rubicon, the focus of a recent investigation by the Washington Post, ZDF, and SRF into Swiss company Crypto AG. 

Crypto AG is a seller of encoded and encrypted devices deemed suitable — and secure enough — for confidential government communications. It is estimated that over 100 governments worldwide have been counted as Crypto AG clients over the course of decades. 

Rumors concerning the CIA and its German counterpart BND being able to crack these devices have been around for some time, and now the recent inquiry — which reveals that Crypto AG was owned by these authorities until recently — claims that the agencies deliberately introduced backdoors and weaknesses in products sold by Crypto AG to intercept and eavesdrop on users. 

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